Our web site has been running smoothly for last 2 years. It has been design by Iqbal, a freelance web designer based in Sheffield.
Let me tell you bit more about our website.
Design: it’s simpley based on our Takeaway menu. We wanted a simple web presence but elegant Brochure website to showcase our menu, and catering services we provide.
Technology: we wanted simple CMS base website so that we can update it ourselves, furthermore we wanted latest web 2.0 interfaces integrated, Web 2.0 feature such as FaceBook and Trip advisor.
What Iqbal has done more that we wanted, he has added extra feature such as sliders, contact us page, sitemap.
He is a very reliable freelance website designer; he has been updating our website free of charge, although we wanted to update the website ourselves but we could not because lack of some basic technical knowledge. Furthermore he has refreshed the look of the site free.
I would highly recommend him for your takeaway or restaurant web design. Call him now on 07971739032 or email him at info@iqbalweb.co.uk